The Best Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket is popular in the UK, reaching out to a multicultural audience. According to the latest UK statistics around 65% of the nation follows the sport with the most diehard fans betting on domestic and overseas cricket leagues as well as international test series and one-day internationals.

If you are a cricket fans that enjoys a casual flutter or place regular bets on this immensely popular domestic and global sport, then read on to discover which UK cricket betting sites offer the best odds, bonus deals, and overall value for your money

best cricket bookmakers list

Fortunately, there are hundreds of UKGC licensed betting sites to choose from, and our team at Best Betting Sites UK covers the best of them with reviews, ratings, and comments from members of these sites.

On this page, you will find a go-to list of the top cricket betting sites, ultimately saving you the time and effort of having to go out there and research yourself.

Each site on our list comes with an in-depth review that leaves no stone unturned, giving you a complete overview of the best cricket betting options available.

Plus, you will find a wealth of other helpful cricket betting information on this page!

Top 8 Best Cricket Betting Sites

top 8 best cricket bookmakers sites

Online Cricket Betting Sites Guide

If you want to bet on cricket via your desktop or mobile, then you have come to the right place.

You can pick and choose the sites that will provide a cricket betting experience that suits you directly from our reviews. In addition, you will find ‘real player ratings and comments’ so you can assess popularity and public opinion.

Whether you prefer in-game betting options, sites with live streams, a wide range of cricket betting markets, a quality mobile bettinginterface or are a bargain hunter looking for the best promo deals, bonus offers, or betting odds for a specific cricketing event, look no further because we have you covered.

Our team is here to help you discover which of the top cricket betting sites offer the best value for money on NCL and ECB leagues plus international cricket events such as the ICC Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, The Ashes, Champions T20 events, and overseas domestics leagues including IPL, BBL, BPL, CPL, and more.

In addition, our Best Betting Sites UK team is here to help you learn more about how cricket betting works.

Check out the list below which outlines the hot cricket betting topics we cover on this page.

  • Discover which international and domestic cricket leagues, test series, and events each you can bet on
  • Learn which betting markets you can stake and where to get the best odds
  • Find cricket betting sites where you can place in-play bets
  • Watch cricket through free live streams on the best live cricket betting sites
  •  Download the best mobile cricket betting apps
  • Learn which features a top-tier online cricket bookmaker should have

The Best Cricket Betting Sites for UK Leagues

In the UK there are several domestic markets. Our reviews will cover the online cricket betting sites that offer both pre-match and in-play betting odds on the NCL and ECB leagues, and the newly formed The Hundred competition.

National Cricket League Betting (NCL): The NCL is made up of professional cricket teams from towns and cities around the UK, and the league boasts some of the highest standard test cricket players in the country. As a result, the NCL is a focal point for cricket betting sites that cover this market by offering attractive odds on this league.

County Championship Cricket Betting (ECB): The ECB is popular for those that want to watch county cricket that consists of ‘first-class counties’ that fall under the England and Wales Cricket Board. Not all sports betting sites cover the ECB County Championship, but you will find ECB betting odds on the ‘all-round’ cricket betting sites that cover almost every cricket market possible.

T20 Blast Cricket Betting: This is a professional Twenty20 cricket event organised by the ECB. The competition comprises 18 teams from the NCL who will battle it out through a group stage before reaching the knockout phase. You will find plenty of cricket betting sites closely covering this event when it is on and offering free bet bonus deals to celebrate the occasion.

The Hundred Cricket Betting: The Hundred will replace the Kia Super League (KSL) also known as the Women’s Cricket Super League (WCSL) which was formerly a semi-pro women’s Twenty20 cricket contest. The Hundred, organised by the ECB, will comprise 15 six-ball overs and a final 10-ball over making it a 100 balls per innings match and will feature both men’s and women’s teams.

Read our online cricket betting site reviews to:

  • find cricket betting sites that offer domestic cricket markets
  • discover which cricket betting sites give the best odds for each market
  • locate live cricket betting sites with in-play markets

The Best Cricket Betting Sites for ICC Test Cricket

International cricket is often more popular than domestic leagues such as the NCL and ECB. Test cricket has been played for over a 100 years and matches featuring England and India date back to the 1950s when the Anthony De Mello Trophy took place.

There are now 12 test cricket nations approved by the International Cricket Council (ICC):

  • England
  • South Africa
  • West Indies
  • New Zealand
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Zimbabwe
  • Bangladesh
  • Ireland
  • Afghanistan

The appeal of international test cricket is the long-running match times which can last up to 5 days. This attracts plenty of in-game live betting from those that follow this version of the sport.

The Most Popular ICC Test Cricket Betting Events

Although there are plenty of scheduled international matches scheduled throughout the year, some matchups between the ICC approved test cricket nations can bring a coveted trophy which brings out the best odds and usually a celebratory bonus deal from many of the UK cricket betting sites.

Every year, you will find a variety of odds on the following trophy events:

  • The Ashes Series (England Vs Australia)
  • Wisden Trophy (England Vs West Indies)
  • Basil D’Oliveira Trophy (England Vs South Africa)
  • Pataudi Trophy (England Vs India)
  • Freedom Trophy (India Vs South Africa)
  • Ganguly – Durjoy Trophy (India Vs Bangladesh)
  • Border – Gavaskar Trophy (India Vs Australia)

The Best Cricket Betting Sites for International Tournaments

Not only are there 5-day test cricket events played out amongst international cricketing nations, but there are also many international trophies and events. These events are normally available on free live streams on live cricket betting sites as well as excellent odds given on in-play betting markets.

  • ICC Cricket World Cup
  • T20 World Cup
  • Champions League Twenty20
  • Asia Cup

The Best Cricket Betting Sites for Overseas Leagues

Cricket is a global sport and is popular in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Some UK cricket fans also follow these overseas cricket leagues with one of the most popular being the Indian Premier League which has brought forward a whole host of IPL cricket betting sites targeting this market.

Our Best Betting Sites UK reviews let you know which cricket match betting sites offer odds on the following international leagues:

  • Dhaka (DPD)
  • Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)
  • Pakistan Super League (PSL)
  • South African Msanzi Super League (MSL)
  • Australian Big Bash League (BBL)

Cricket Betting Markets Explained

Each cricket market comes with a set of betting opportunities, also referred to as cricket betting markets. Every major cricket betting site will offer similar betting markets which we have outlined below. If you are already an experienced cricket betting fan, then you will be familiar with these bet types.

Match Winner: A simple bet that allows you to stake which team you think will win the match on the day it is being played. Odds are simple, and if mid-way through the match you want to change your bet, you can use in-play betting. We recommend using this bet if you are a newbie to cricket betting as it is a simple easy to understand bet.

Top Batsman/Bowler: If you are already a knowledgeable cricket fan, then you should be able to pick out which player is most likely to be the top batsman or bowler. It’s a great bet for casual cricket betting fans, but as there are usually 3 or 4 contenders, this is a slightly higher risk bet than ‘match-winner.

Total Innings Runs: This is arguably one of the most popular bets, and you usually get decent odds on both post and in-play markets. Your job is to predict whether the team you back will beat the number of runs given by the bookies. You will see odds like 2/1 (1.88). Betting how many runs a team will get over a set number of innings is fun, but difficult to get right, making this a medium-risk bet.

Series Winner: The Ashes is one of the most popular series out there and is played over 5 days. At the end of each day, there is a winner and the first to 3 is the winner. Regardless of which team gets to 3 first, they play all 5 matches for entertainment value and you can bet on which team wins on which day. Getting this sequence right is like winning an accumulator bet and pays back very good odds, but it is also a high-risk bet.

Total 6s Scored: This is another fun cricket bet. All you need to do is bet on how many sixes the teams will score in an entire match or how many sixes a particular team will hit.It’s not the easiest bet to get right and comes with some great odds the higher you go. As such, this is considered to be a low-medium risk bet.

Tournament Winner: There are always favourites and usually the team with the best cricketing talent and form will come up with the shortest odds, which means if you bet on one of these teams, the return is usually low. The less talented the team and the longer the odds, the higher the risk of losing your bet. Even picking the favourite and short odds does not guarantee a win and so this a medium-risk bet.

Man of the Match: This is a betting market for those with plenty of experience of the game and knowledge about the team and the players in action. Essentially, you need to pick which player you think will put in the most influential performance, which is a tough call to make by any standards. The captains could both have a bad day, and often a player that often is quietly consistent, puts in a stellar performance totally out of the blue. Therefore, this is a high-risk bet.

Mode of Next Dismissal: This is an exciting bet and is perfect for those that like to place in-play bets as the action unfolds. There are a variety of ways for the batsman to be dismissed – Caught, Bowled, LBW (Leg Before Wicket), Run Out, or Stumped are just some options to bet on. Some more expert cricket fanatics will use stats according to the bowler and his style to help them land this bet! It is one of the toughest bets to win but pays well if you get it right. Therefore, this is a high-risk bet.

More Examples of `Popular’ Cricket Betting Markets:

  • 1st Wicket Method
  • 1st Over Total Runs
  • Highest Opening Partnership
  • Most Run-Outs
  • Team to Make Highest 1st 6 Overs

Cash-out Feature

For many cricket betting fans, the cash-out feature is a safety net. It is also useful in a game where there is plenty of time to decide on whether a cash-out is the right decision. When you cash-out, your bet must be in ‘winning status’. That means if the result remains the same, you will win your bet.

However, you may see something that suggests a change in the result might happen. Maybe you are not happy with the way your best batsman is playing or your team’s most reliable bowler is looking a little wayward. If your instinct tells you something is up and the balance of the match may turn in the opposition’s favour despite your team being ahead, you can take “the win|” by cashing out your bet for a lower return.

Online cricket betting sites are perfect for this feature. Log on, and if the cash-out feature is available, check to see if the cash-out odds are worthwhile and if so, this can be a smart move. Usually, the closer it gets to the end of a match, the more the cash-out odds improve.

When you read our Best Betting Sites UK reviews, make sure you look for this feature because if it is available at the cricket betting site being reviewed, we highlight where the cash-out feature is available.

  • The cash-out feature is an option that means you quit while you’re ahead
  • If your bet is winning, you can cash-out
  • Cash-outs will pay slightly lower odds than the original bet

Live Cricket Betting Sites

In-play or in-game cricket betting can be more efficient than other sports because of cricket’s slower pace between balls and also the length of the match which can be 4 hours for a Twenty20 match and up to 7 hours for 5-day test matches. For this reason, Cricket was one of the first sports where in-play bets become available.

Even so, there are still plenty of fast action in-play bets with odds that change after every ball bowled or after every over completed. All cricket betting sites with in-play markets will also provide real-time news giving you a taste of the action such as runs, overs, wickets, and so on helping you make betting decisions on matches that you have no live access to.

Our reviews will give you an overview of the in-play betting markets available at the site in question, and we also review how user-friendly the mobile in-play app or HTML5 web interface is.

Popular in-play betting markets include:

  • Runs Off the Next Delivery
  • Runs Off the Next Over
  • Bowls Until next Wicket
  • Next Man Out

Live Cricket Betting Streaming

For some people, the best cricket betting sites come down to those that offer free live streaming. There are some leagues and international cricket matches that allow some sports betting companies to stream matches live on their website. 

You can watch the action unfold in real-time on your PC or mobile and switch between the live stream and the in-play betting interface. There are top-rated cricket betting sites in the UK that stream overseas leagues and some county cricket games. While many of the top betting companies also have access to test matches, one-day internationals, and T20 contests.

Overseas cricket leagues such as the IPL, PSL, BBL, CPL, BPL, and MSL, currently have no TV rights that restrict these cricket leagues from being streamed on live cricket betting sites.

Make sure that your betting site is active and that you have funds available to ensure you have access to cricket leagues across continents.

  • Find the UK cricket betting sites with real-time live cricket streams on your mobile or PC
  • Watch the action and place live bets on cricket leagues from around the globe
  • Legally watch test matches, one-day internationals, and T20 contests


The Best Online Cricket Betting Promotions

Bonus bets offered as part of a welcome bonus for new members or regular promotional deals for existing members are improving thanks to healthy competition between cricket betting sites in the UK.

Promo and bonus deals are a great way to get a head start when betting on cricket markets. The best ones come with a low 3x or 4x betting requirement, and they allow you to bet on cricket betting markets with good odds. If the bet comes in, you will usually get the chance to place more bets to convert your bonus money into cash.

Our team at Best Betting Sites UK thoroughly reviews every welcome bonus deal, looks into no deposit bonus offers, and checks to see how many regular bonus deals each site offers and whether these deals are specifically for cricket betting.

Some bonus deals look better than others because the bonus amount is larger than the competitor, but the smaller bonus may come with more realistic terms and conditions which turns out to be the better deal for you. Likewise, some bonus deals may look attractive, but they come with restrictions that prevent you from placing bets on cricket markets.

This is exactly why we read the small print, so you know exactly what to expect which goes a long way to helping you decide whether the bonus deal is worth your while.

Different cricket betting bonus offers available:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Free Bets (unrestricted/restricted)
  • Deposit match bonus
  • Cashback on your losses
  • No deposit sign up bonus bets
  • Enhanced Odds
  • Flash Markets
  • Money Back Specials
  • Acca Bonus Deals

The Best Guaranteed Odds for Cricket Betting

BGO cricket betting sites are easy to find because any site that wants to attract new members needs to make sure it offers them the best deals possible. This does not apply to in-play markets so much, and instead, it applies to pre-match betting markets.

If you placed a bet and 2-1 and the odds change to 5-2 before ‘all bets are off’ on the betting market you staked, then your payout is at the higher 5-2 odds. In short, BGO cricket betting sites automatically upgrade your odds.

You will need to check the terms and conditions for the markers you bet on to make sure BGO rules apply because they can change day by day. In our reviews, we will always mention if the cricket betting site in question offers BGO, so you know that it is another feature to look out for when placing pre-match bets.

  • If odds change, BGO cricket betting sites will pay you out using higher odds
  • Always check your betting market’s terms & conditions for the BGO feature

The Best Mobile Cricket Betting Site

(I can add this and use Leo Vegas as an example – LeoVegas recently won a mobile betting award).

best cricket bookmakers for mobile

Features of Top-tier Online Cricket Bookmakers

A top-tier cricket betting site is not necessarily the one others recommend. What makes a cricket betting site right for you is the features that suit the way you prefer to gamble.

That said, other people’s comments, ratings, and the reviews written by actual members of each site will help you along the way. That is exactly why review websites like Best Betting Sites UK exist–to help those that prefer to research their options before committing to a brand.

Differences between each of the top betting sites are can be hard to spot, which is one reason betting site reviews are useful. Something as small as the withdrawal methods available, slightly better odds on a cricket league that you follow, or how the mobile app or HTML5 interface lays out its bet slip or betting markets can make all the difference to you.

  • Payments & withdrawals (Debit cards, eWallets, pre-pay cards, crypto, and limits)
  • Cash-out Options (Bet paid out at a lower return before the match is over)
  • Competitive Odds (Specific odds for the leagues or international showdowns)
  • Bonuses & Promotions (Lower betting requirements)
  • Cricket Betting Tips & Resources (News, forums, and blogs)
  • Live streams with in-play betting markets (For leagues you follow)

New Cricket Betting Sites

When a new online cricket betting site hits the UK market, or when an existing betting company successfully gains a UKGC license, our team at Best Betting Sites UK will be the first to join the site and test out its cricket betting facilities.

New sites that offer cricket betting markets are exciting because they come with new odds, new bonus deals, and possibly the chance to get better odds on leagues and international cricket matches that you regularly or casually bet.

BBS is your ultimate resource and the go-to place to find out what’s new in the world of cricket betting. If you want to stay ahead of the game, then we can help you do exactly that!

  • When a new cricket betting site is available, you will see it here first
  • If an exciting cricket betting site receives a UKGC license, we are on top of it

How does Best Betting Sites UK review new cricket betting sites?

We rigorously test every site. Our team are avid sports betting fans and so they know exactly how the top-rated betting sites should work and what they should offer in terms of account management, betting markets, and user ability on both desktop and mobile devices.

Below is a brief step-by-step overview of the approach we take when reviews a new cricket betting site:

  • Step 1: Review the welcome bonus options by reading the terms & conditions
  • Step 2: Sign up to the site using a mobile device & use any ‘no deposit bonus deals’
  • Step 3: Make a deposit and opt-in for the welcome bonus
  • Step 4: Check out all the current cricket markets available using mobile + desktop
  • Step 5: Place bonus and real money bets on different cricket markets
  • Step 6: Test in-play, live streaming, and cash-out features on mobile and desktop
  • Step 7: Contact customer services to test their responsiveness
  • Step 8: Test the site’s withdrawal process
  • Step 9: Use the regular bonus deals that apply to cricket
  • Step 10: Research forums, blogs, and reviews on other sites to compare experiences

This is a simplified version of the process the team takes extract all the relevant information you need to know when it comes to helping you find out exactly what each UK cricket betting site has to offer.

(I can make this section more detailed as per screenshot)

Frequently Asked Questions

The British Betting Sites team enjoys doing all the hard work on your behalf when reviewing the best online cricket betting sites. Every review we create is to give you an in-depth insight into the cricket and betting features the site offers so you never have to use your valuable time searching the internet yourself and reviewing hundreds of sites.

However, we understand there are still questions that need answering more directly, which is why we have created a short FAQ section below.

Can you trust Best Betting Sites (UK)?

Absolutely. Our goal is to provide you with accurate, trustworthy, and reliable information about cricket betting and the websites that offer cricket betting markets. We give you high-quality reviews and highly engaging content because we want you to use us as your number one resource when it comes to online cricket betting.

Will the best cricket betting sites work on my mobile device?

Every sports betting site knows that reaching today’s enormous mobile market is imperative to success. Rarely will you find a cricket betting site that does not have a mobile app or access to its betting interface via a web browser using HTML5. All the top companies have one or the other or both available on a variety of popular operating systems.

Are the UK cricket betting sites trustworthy? 

What makes a UK betting site is its UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) license. There are thousands of online cricket betting sites out there but many of them do not hold a UKGC license and therefore we do not include them on our site. 

When a betting site is covered by a UKGC license, this means it complies with the UK government’s 10-steps-to-cyber-security, consumer rights and privacy laws, and financial rules that require the holding company to keep member account balances in a separate bank account.

What options do I have to deposit and withdraw?

The UK online gambling market is one of the most flexible for deposits and withdrawals. eWallets such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill are popular, most debit cards are accepted, pay-by-phone options use your phone bill to deposit, and some of the larger high street betting companies offer in-store deposits and withdrawals. The only restriction in the UK is that you cannot use your credit card for online gambling. 

Is Best Betting Sites UK the right site for me?

If you are looking for guidance covering cricket betting and a comprehensive list of the best UK cricket betting websites, then Best Betting sites can help you. We give you information about all cricket leagues and international events, betting markets, in-play betting, live streaming, bonus deals, deposits and withdrawals, and mobile cricket betting options. 

On top of this, you will cricket betting reviews with comments and ratings for actual members of the sites Best Betting Sites UK has reviewed