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Football is the UK’s most popular sport and one of the bookies’ favourites too! Whether it is the Premier League, La Liga, Champions League, or lower league football, a large percentage of football fans in the UK love to place bets on the game!

With football’s unequivocal popularity and the fans’ insatiable appetites to bet on the sport, has come a flurry of online football betting sites offering a diverse array of bet types and varied odds so you can find and put your money down on the best deals!

If you are looking for the best football betting sites online in the UK with the best in-game betting platforms, favourable odds, and a diverse array of betting opportunities, then read on because in this guide we will explain to you exactly what makes a top-rated football betting site!

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Lucrative bonus deals and promos, brilliantly designed in-game/in-play betting platforms, pre-match, pre-tournament, and pre-league odds, as well as spread bets on the weekend’s up and coming games, are all on the table at many of today’s best football betting sites.

The question is how do you find a football betting site that can offer you the best all-round platform out of 100s that all seemingly offer the same thing?

You may want to casually place bets while on the move or in the pub using your tablet or smartphone or you could take a more serious approach by carefully weighing up your options by sifting through multiple betting opportunities on your laptop or desktop.

On top of this, the leading football betting sites will also offer the chance to get the right combination of bets onto your virtual bet slip, but if your bet looks like it might be going sideways, give you the option to rectify the issue with some in-game bets while the game or games are in motion.

Well, that’s where our website, Best Betting Sites (UK) comes in! Our team of football fanatics have handpicked the finest football betting sites that work on mobile and desktop devices and reviewed each one so you can choose an online bookie that suits your betting style, saving you hours of your time!

Fair Odds for Your Football Bets

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best football sites is the payout percentages across different football leagues and competitions. Why place a bet at a website that pays even odds on the same bet when its competitor is offering 2 to 1? 

Surprisingly, checking the odds levels of each betting site is often overlooked but this is an important factor that could make the difference between a profitable or losing month of football betting.

football betiing sites market

The higher the odds are on the bets, the better your returns will be in the long run. That said, online bookies with high ‘payout percentages’ do not necessarily offer ‘high odds’ on every bet, but it does mean the odds are fair.

Therefore, choosing a sportsbook advertising the ‘highest payout percentages’ means you are more likely to be paid fairly and win a higher amount in return compared to a site with a low advertised payout percentage.

Sites with higher payout percentages will have lower margins, which are put in place to cover the bookie against high losses while some websites prefer high margins not just to cover themselves from losses but to maximise profits by minimising the amount paid on any winning bets.

You can also be smart about the way you bet. It could be that you prefer to use multiple online bookies because maybe ‘Bookie 1’ offers the best payout odds for Premier League football while ‘Bookie 2’ offers better odds for La Liga football.

Also, the in-play odds on one site may be more favourable than another site that offers better pre-match betting odds or vice versa.

·        Choose sites with high payout percentages

·        Pick out sites that offer high odds

·        Look for the best odds for the leagues you bet on

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Markets Available for Football Betting

Depending on whether you are a football fan who only follows the Premier League or someone who follows multiple leagues, the football betting markets available will come into consideration.

You may also follow La Liga, MLS, Champions League football, or even lower league games in the Championship; League 1, and/or League 2. Consequently, you will need to know which online football betting sites cover the leagues you want to place bets on.

·        Find football betting sites that cover multiple leagues

·        Find football betting sites that cover global football leagues

·        Find football betting sites that cover lower league football

Live In-Play Football Betting Sites

A relatively new phenomenon within the world of football betting is live in-play odds. Before in-play bets became a thing, almost all football bets were off once the game kicked off. This was the norm for many years before in-play betting moved the goalposts so to speak. With in-play betting, the entire dynamics of football betting changed, and for the better. Today, you can place bets in real-time after kick-off.

As the action unfolds on the pitch, the in-play betting odds update in real-time giving you new odds on a variety of betting options.

Not only is this a convenient way to place bets, but it has also added an air of excitement to the entire betting industry. You can place bets based on the feel of the game. Maybe the underdog is on top and looks likely to grab a late goal or the favourite gets an equaliser with 10 minutes to go and look like they could grab another to clinch the win!

football in play betting

In-play betting is undeniably fun, but you will need to make sure you choose a football betting site that has a specialised in-play football interface and one that suits your needs.

If you are someone that goes out to watch the game, then the in-play sports betting options need to function on your smartphone. Some sites offer downloadable apps for Android or iOS while others are fully equipped with HTML5 technology, so the sportsbook will adapt to the size of your smartphone’s screen.

Furthermore, the key to finding a good in-play interface is to look at the betting options available, the return on the odds, how the odds are displayed, as well as how quickly and easily you can confirm your bets. You should avoid slow sites on which the process to place in-play bets takes too long. There is nothing more frustrating than bets being disallowed because the odds are no longer available.

Some of the larger football betting websites will have a license to stream certain matches or games live. This gives you both in-play betting and the option to watch the action in real-time!

·        Place bets while the action unfolds

·        Opportunity to offset bets against pre-match bets

·        Place last-minute bets based on the flow of the game

·        HTML5 mobile-enabled in-play betting platforms

·        Some betting sites come with live game coverage

Cashing Out from Football Betting Websites

Many online football betting sites include a ‘cash out’ feature on your bet slip, and the best sites offer both ‘full cash out’ and ‘partial cash out’ options. The ‘cash out’ feature allows you to end any bet according to the current result of the game.

Maybe your team is winning, and your bet looks good for the time being. However, Man City is pushing forward and half your team has picked up yellow cards while stopping Sterling’s electric pace and edging Jesus off the ball at critical moments.

In short, Man City looks sure to score, and a red card is on the horizon. This is a great time to quit while you’re ahead, so the ‘cash out’ option comes into play.

‘Partial cash out’ will allow you to keep a portion of your bet in; after all, your team is 1-0 up versus the almighty and ruthless Man City who are favourites. Plus, the odds for winning your bet are still high.

Alternatively, you can opt to ‘cash out’ in full which would be sensible if it is only the 30th minute. By and large, you are then using the ‘cash out’ feature as a tactical move.

Although many football betting sites offer the ‘cash out’ feature, you will need to make sure it applies to the football betting markets on which you want to wager and you will need to check which bets the ‘cash out’ feature can be applied to, such as ‘Correct Score’, ‘Wincast’, or ‘Winning Margin’.

You will need to know whether the football betting site offers:

·        In-Play Cash Out

·        Partial Cash Out

·        Football Betting Cash Out

·        Cash Out in the League you want to bet

·        Types of bets that Cash Out is available

Football Betting Bonuses and Promotions

A large number of online football betting sites thrive on the bonuses and promotions on offer. Some sites will offer bonuses that apply specifically to certain football while you will also find an army of generic football betting promotions.

Your journey into bonus wagering will nearly always begin with a ‘no deposit signup’ bonus followed by a ‘welcome bonus’ bet applied to your first deposit. Following this, the best football betting sites also pack out their promo section with regular bonus deals to keep their members engaged.

Although bonuses are both exciting and give you better odds, and the chance to win bets for little or no investment, understanding how the bonuses work can be hard work. On the surface, the bonus looks great, but when you dig deeper into the terms and conditions, it may not be what you anticipated.

Even though you win your bonus bet, you may not be paid the winnings as cash that you can withdraw. This is because most football betting bonus deals come with wagering requirements. This requires that you use your deposit and bonus to bet a certain amount before it is moved from your ‘bonus balance’ to your ‘real money balance’.

Here at Best Betting Sites (UK), we make sure we break down every bonus deal and get right to the crux of what the bonus is actually offering so you can make the best decision about which bonus is right for your style of betting.

·        Read the bonus break down in our reviews

·        Always check wagering requirements

·        Most bonus bets require a minimum deposit

Here are 3 common bonuses offered by football betting sites:

Enhanced Odds Promotions

As a member of a football betting website, you will regularly come across advertisements offering ‘enhanced odds’ on up and coming football matches. The norm is that these ‘enhanced odds’ are applied to 1 or 2 top-flight games.

For instance, it could be Liverpool Vs Barcelona in the Champions League or a derby game in the Italian league between Inter Milan and AC Milan. Although it may not be your preferred team playing in the match, you may have some insight into the game, making the ‘enhanced odds’ an attractive proposition.

To find a football betting site that offers ‘enhanced odds’ here on Best Betting Sites (UK), just check out the bonus and promotion types you can expect which will be covered in our football betting site reviews.

·        Enhanced odds as a regular promotional deal

·        Exclusive enhanced odds for new members

Acca Bonus Deals

Acca is short for ‘accumulator’ bets. This is an extraordinarily popular bet amongst football fans, especially over the weekend when there are multiple teams in action. Get this bet right, and for a small outlay, you can win big!

To win, every bet placed on your ‘accumulator’ will need to be successful. If this happens, you will be in for a big payout as the reward for beating the odds on a high-risk bet. One of the most popular football betting accumulators is predicting multiple home/away wins in the English Premier League!

Common Accumulator Bet Types:

·        Double

·        Treble

·        Four-fold accumulator

·        Five-fold accumulator

·        Six-fold accumulator

·        Seven-fold accumulator

·        Eight-fold accumulator

In general, most football betting sites offer the ‘accumulator bet’ on top-flight leagues and competitions only. As a result, you will need to make sure the betting site you chose to place football accumulators offers the leagues and competitions you want.

Furthermore, as the ‘accumulator bet’ is so popular in the UK, there are tons of football betting sites that offer an array of bonus deals for this bet type which allow you to use the bonus as part of an accumulator bet.

·        Place multiple bets under a single stake

·        Win all bets to land a huge payout

·        High-risk bet with a big reward

Existing Customer Bonus Deals

Bonus deals do not stop at the ‘welcome bonus’ offered to new players. Any football betting site worth its weight in gold will also include regular bonus bet deals. For example, ‘enhanced odds’ as mentioned above.

When you read football betting site reviews here at Best Betting Sites (UK), we will reveal all the regular bonus deals each site is known for. The very best of them will continuously offer free bets, seasonal bets, and free bets to celebrate a new event such as the World Cup or European Championship.

·        All good football betting sites offer regular bonuses and promotions

·        Look out for promo deals to celebrate major football events

Up and Coming Football Betting Site Features

Football betting sites are always looking for new and innovative ways to offer their members state-of-the-art technology to place bets. When the internet began, football betting was achieved by checking a few boxes and adding your selection to your bet slip.

Fast forward to today and football betting has cash out features, in-play betting platforms, interactive accumulators, tips, stats, and bet history.

As soon as a brand-new trending feature offers you a new way to get your bets down on your favourite teams, players, leagues, and competitions, our team at Best Betting Sites (UK) is on top of it.

We will let you know exactly what’s new, what it entails, which sites include the new feature, and how you can utilise it to suit your needs.

Here are some of the latest innovative football betting features of late:

Virtual Football Betting

It may seem odd placing bets on a virtual football game, but this is a feature added to many football betting sites that has taken off and become extremely popular amongst UK football betting fans. The idea was born out of virtual greyhound and horse racing simulators.

There are tons of interesting betting options, and the gameplay is straightforward. Before the game starts, you will have odds such as match result, half time score, and total goals. You can even bet on the home or away team’s total goals and goals scored.

Once your bets are down and kick off gets underway, you can watch the action unfold, cheering on the team that you backed!

Flash Football Betting Markets

Another way that football betting sites add excitement is by introducing ‘flash odds’ on certain bets. The ‘flash bet’ will have a time limit attached, and it is up to you to decide whether the bet is worth taking.

It could be something like ‘Yellow Card’ within the next 5 minutes’ 5-2 odds or ‘Substitute before the 70th minute’ 3-1 odds.

These bets are cleverly thought out as a team could be playing badly and the football betting site will take a risk by offering flash bets on the possibility that the manager could change things up. This makes the bet all the more exciting!

Newcomers to the Football Betting Sites Scene

The football betting market is huge and there is still room for newcomers to the market despite the large number of big brand betting sites dominating the market share. Some of these sites will specialise in football betting or maybe in another sport but will also offer outstanding football odds.

Our team at Best Betting Sites (UK) will have their ears to the ground listening for vibrations on the sports betting grapevine so we can quickly test and review new sports betting websites that include football betting as part of their set up.

Football Leagues Offered by The Best Football Betting Sites

Finding a football betting site with the league(s) that you follow is going to be your number one priority. If you only follow the Premier League, then finding the best football betting site with the best odds is going to be reasonably straightforward.

However, if you also like to delve into other leagues such as the MLS, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, or the Championship, then finding the best football site that includes the best odds for each league is going to be slightly more challenging.

Some football betting sites offer live streaming for the Championship and La Liga while, due to TV rights in the UK, live Premiership is generally not available.

However, if you happen to enjoy betting on the Premier League, La Liga, and Championship football, then a site that streams the latter 2, as well as offering in-play bets and cash outs, could be your best option. To find these sites, just read our reviews and you will discover exactly which markets are available.

Below, we cover some of the most popular football leagues:

Premier League

As the UK’s domestic league, the Premier League is by far the most bet on league in the country. It is also one of the most unpredictable leagues with 7 different teams winning the title in the past 11 seasons.

Arguably, the most impressive title win was by Leicester City. Some sites gave 5000-1 odds against The Foxes, but they remained top for the entire season even after many predicted their lead would eventually fizzle out.

Luckily for the bookies, not many bets were placed on Leicester being triumphant but every season there is an army of football betting experts that will place a bet on an outsider with a long shot and it just so happened The Foxes were on their hit list. That season eventually cost UK bookies a massive £25 million in payouts!

La Liga

Another popular league in Europe is the Spanish La Liga. This market doesn’t often come up with a surprise winner and is generally a 2-horse race between Barcelona and Real Madrid’s Galacticos. This can make for a good bet because these teams are often neck and neck in the famous ‘El Clásico’ (Barca vs Real).

Over the years, la Liga has also provided us with some interesting bets to think on. This included betting on the top goal scorer which was usually a tussle between Messi and Ronaldo. With Ronaldo now exiting the league in search of pastures new, Messi as top scorer is always a sure bet.

If you are a fan of La Liga, the good news is that there are quite a few football betting sites out there that have the rights to stream games live which is perfect for in-play bets!

Serie A

Italian football was a dominant force back in the 90s before losing some of its spark, but more recently things have changed.

Today, the Italian league is back on track with players such as Zlatan Ibrahimović and Cristiano Ronaldo moving to this league as well as England internationals Ashley Young and Chris Smalling making the move to Serie A. 

Betting on a draw in this league tends to be a good option quite often. Out of 380 games in the season, 85 were draws. Although, that doesn’t make this league any less exciting as overall there were 1,154 goals scored which is an average of 3 goals per game!


The German league is still immensely popular and has some of Europe’s most formidable clubs such as Bayern Munich. It is also a league that is unrated because it tends to have some considerably weak clubs leaving some disparity between the top and bottom sides.

Over the last few years, the lower teams in the league have been beginning to close the gap as the German football league has made an effort to spread out funds more evenly.

In the 2019-2020 season, this league produced a total of 119 winning games but only 982 goals with Bayern Munich contributing 100 goals. Impressively, the battle for top goal scorer was between 3 players being eyed up by La Liga and Premiership teams – Robert Lewandowski (34 goals), Timo Werner (28 goals), and the young Jadon Sancho (17 goals).

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Betting Sites (UK)

Learning the ins and outs of UK football betting sites is made easier by Best Betting Sites (UK) because we have the experience and the know-how of what to look for and can provide you with useful reviews. We even enlarge the small print, so you know exactly what you are getting.

Yet, you may still be left with questions that you need answering, and as such, we have created our FAQ section to round up this fully comprehensive introduction to the best football betting sites in the UK.

Best Betting Sites (UK); a Legit Business?

We are a group of football betting enthusiasts that want to share our knowledge and experience of the football betting market in the UK. Our sole aim is to give you accurate information by covering every aspect of the football betting sites that we review.

When you eventually find a football betting site that suits you, the aim is that once you sign up, that site gives you everything we said it would!

Do You Review Mobile Football Betting Sites?

Absolutely. In today’s modern online world of sports and football betting, almost every sportsbook uses HTML5 responsive code. We make sure we review how the betting interface, in-play, and account management areas work on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Most of the time, you will not need to download an app, but if the football betting website offers an app download, it will be covered in our reviews.

How Do I Know the Football Betting Site Is Trustworthy?

Every football betting site in the UK must obtain a UK Gambling Commission License. If it does not have one, our team at Best Betting Sites (UK) will let you know. It is also very unlikely that we will review a betting site that does not have a UKGC license.

Any site covered by a UKGC license follows UK consumer rights and privacy laws, strict financial due diligence rules, and the UK’s 10-steps-to-cyber-security. On top of this, the football betting site will keep your balance and all other members’ balances in a separate bank account to the site’s operational funds.

How Do I Make Deposits and Withdrawals?

From 2020, the UK government banned the use of credit cards on online football betting sites. However, there are tons of other ways that these sites offer to get your money in and your winnings out. Debit cards, bank transfers, eWallets, pay by phone options, prepaid top up cards, as well as Paysafecard are some of the most popular options.

Is Best Betting Sites (UK) The Right Site for Me?

If you are a UK citizen and you love to place bets on football, then Best Betting Sites (UK) is almost certainly going to help you sign up to the best football betting sites in the UK.

Rather than having to go out there and find football betting websites, then research the terms and conditions, bonus deals, betting markets, odds, bet types, and options available to you, we save you the time because we have already done that for you. We have also placed all of our findings into easy to understand and read football betting sites reviews.