Horse racing is the second most popular sport for online betting in the UK. Horse racing is a daily event in the UK, with multiple race cards across the country and is well-known for its major race events such as the Grand National at Aintree. As a result you have the chance to bet on your favourite horses and/or jockeys almost every day.

You can choose to bet on National Hunt racing (jumps), flat races,  amateur jockey pole race cards, and even virtual horse racing; while there are also multiple horse racing betting markets from around the world such as Ireland, France, South Africa, Australia, the USA, and Asia.

Our reviews will help you discover which of the top horse racing betting sites offer odds for pre-race bets as well as those with In-Race betting markets that come with live streams. In addition, you will find sites that give you access to mobile horse racing betting apps, lucrative bonus deals, jockey and horse form reports, horse racing news, and excellent customer support services.


Different Levels of Horse Racing Betting Sites

The top horse racing betting sites cover weekly race cards on ‘Major Tracks’ such as Newmarket and Doncaster as well as ‘Major Events’ which are usually large annual events. Our reviews reveal which betting sites cover odds on ‘Major Races’, ‘Major Tracks’, or whether the site offers combined odds on both (All Inclusive).

All Inclusive

The ‘All Inclusive’ horse racing betting sites are the tend to be found amongst the elite of horse racing markets, betting opportunities, and odds. They specifically aim to satisfy the most avid horse racing fans who like to bet on all markets.

Whether it is a major horse racing event, a daily race card on a major track, or an amateur pole race on a relatively unknown track with a new jockey on the scene, ‘All Inclusive’ horse racing betting sites cover the majority of these markets giving you odds on all the races and ultimate flexibility when it comes to betting choice.

All-Inclusive horse-racing betting sites cover

  • All major UK horse racing tracks
  • Amateur jockey races in the UK
  • Major race events in the UK
  • Global race markets
  • Major race events worldwide

Major Tracks

Horse racing betting sites that offer odds on ‘Major Tracks’ specialise in the UK’s major racetracks. These are the most common betting sites you will find, and they will often also include international racetracks – in particular Irish horse racing.

Pre-race and In-Race betting odds, as well as live streams for certain race cards, are available on a daily basis making these sites perfect for those looking to place regular bets and follow the form of individual jockeys and horses in the UK.

Betting sites that only cover major tracks normally offer the best odds as well as most specialised odds for these racetracks.

Major UK Horse Racing Tracks

  • Ascot
  • Haydock
  • Kempton
  • Thirsk
  • Sedgefield

Major Races

Sports betting sites not specialising in horse racing, generally offer odds on major races only. Typically, these sites are more focused on other sports such as football or boxing but will offer the chance to bet on major events and races such as the Cheltenham Festival or The Grand National in the UK. Betting on these races is somewhat of a tradition in the UK and attracts people who bet infrequently. You may also find they offer odds on global horse racing events such as the Melbourne Cup and Dubai World Cup.

These sites are perfect if you only want to bet on major events that are televised globally. They are good for pre-race odds but are generally not well-known for in-racing betting markets.

Major UK Race Events Covered by UK Horse Racing Betting Sites

  • Grand National (Aintree)
  • The Royal Ascot (Ascot)
  • Cheltenham Festival (Cheltenham)
  • QIPCO Guineas Festival (Newmarket)
  • Dante Festival (York)
  • Coronation Cup (Epson)


Markets Covered by The Top Horse Racing Betting Sites

In the UK, the best online horse racing betting sites are most often the ones that cover the ‘Major Racing’ tracks daily. However, exactly what makes a top horse racing betting site the best for you is entirely down to your personal preference.

We make sure that our reviews highlight the horse racing betting markets covered by the sites you are interested in, so you can find one that suits your style. You will find that some sites cover the same markets while one consistently offers better odds.

If you only bet on UK horse races, it makes your ‘odds comparisons’ easier, But if you also bet on Irish race cards, then inevitably you will need to spend more time breaking down the odds offered by the sites that offer different horse racing betting markets.

It is not unusual to find that one site offers better odds on UK horse racing tracks while another site has better odds on Irish horse racing. As such, you may end up opening an account at two betting sites, so you get the best odds on both horse racing betting markets.

  • Betting sites with the best markets come down to your personal preference
  • Make sure you break down each market you want to place bets on
  • If different sites offer better odds on different markets, then sign up to both

Sites with The Best Horse Racing Betting Odds

Our team at BBS analyses the horse racingodds provided by every site we review. We use odds comparisons to stay on top of which sites are offering the best odds for each market.

If you only bet on UK horse racing, then our goal is to help you find a betting site with the best odds for UK horse racing tracks. If you also bet internationally we will help you find an online horse racing betting site with the best odds for the international markets you follow.

If you want to do your own research, most betting sites show the odds on all its horse racing betting markets without you having to sign to an account. Simply click on the sites on our list and check out their horse racing markets. Then click on the race cards you are interested in for live odds. 

You can open multiple windows and compare the sites. Even if you already have an account, you should always check to see if other sites are offering better odds. 

● Find sites with the best odds

● Pick out sites with high odds for markets you want to bet in

● Keep tabs on odds being offered by all the top betting sites

Best Guaranteed Odds for Horse Racing

Many of the top horse racing betting websites we review offer ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’ (BOG) deals. Therefore, should the starting price end up finishing higher than the odds you took for your bet, then the BOG bookmaker will automatically pay you out using the higher price.

Horse racing Betting Sites that offer a BOG deal

● Bet365

● Skybet

● Betvictor

● Betway

● Paddy Power

Top Horse Racing Betting Sites for In-Race Odds

In-Race betting markets add a new dimension to the horse racing betting scene. You can place your bets during a race with odds that continually change. This brings added entertainment, unique betting options, and opportunities to grab some great odds. 

Rather than placing a traditional, fixed odds bet before the start of the race, you can get a feel of what’s happening in-race before picking a winner. Like the look of a runner in the middle of the pack? Think it could go on to win? In-play betting features allow you to act on these hunches as they happen.

As the action unfolds and the odds change, you will be presented with a stream of betting opportunities. A slow start out of the gates for the pre-race favourite could result in the original shorter odds turning into longer odds which is great if you still think your horse is likely to win. As you can imagine, there is plenty of fun that can be had when placing your bets this way.

The Best Horse Racing Betting Sites for Live Streaming

On some sites, you can watch the action unfold via a live stream provided by the betting site itself. These streams are free to watch and allow you to get a good feel for when to switch your screen to In-Race betting odds to place live bets in real-time.

Trackside Bets Using Mobile In-Race Horse Racing Betting Apps

If you are at a race in person then using a site that offers functional In-Race betting for mobile devices is important because In-Race bets at the track are not usually available. 

In this case, you will want an interface that is easy-to-use so that you can place your bets quickly. It is also recommended that you avoid sites that are slow to process your bets. You do not want to miss out on a handsome return due to a slow website or app.

Whether you use an iOS tablet or Android smartphone, the best betting sites will give you the ability to enjoy in-play, in-race betting. This will either be via a mobile-friendly web interface or from a downloadable app. Our reviews of the top horse race betting sites will tell you how you can access a particular site on mobile devices. 

● Place your bets as the racing action unfolds

● Opportunity to analyse the early race form of the horses

● Leave it until late to pick your winner

● Mobile-friendly HTML5 coded In-Race betting interfaces

● Some sites provide live streams of the horse races

Cash Outs on The Top Horse Racing Betting Sites

Many major UK horse racing betting sites will offer a ‘cash out’ feature. This feature allows you to cash in your bet despite the event not being finished yet. You will be offered a cash-out value at a reduced return to your original bet.

For example, you have placed a £20 bet on a horse to win at odds of 12-1. You stand to win £240 return on that bet. Your horse is leading by two lengths in the latter stages, but the chasing pack is quickly closing that gap. You are offered a £180 cash out that you can take now. 

If you take that cash-out value and another horse wins, you would have made a good decision. At the same time, if your horse still won, you only lose a small portion of your returns from the original bet.

Some will even allow you to claim a ‘partial cash out’. This way, you can cover all bases by leaving some of your original bet in play. This feature provides even more refinement in spreading your risk.

Many of the best betting sites will offer a cash-out feature but it is important to check which horse racing markets and what bet types this feature can be used with. Generally, you can expect cash-outs to be offered during Win and Each Way singles, and multiples bets.

Does the UK betting site offer?

● In-Race cash-out

● Partial cash out

● Cash-out in the horse racing markets you follow

● Cash-out for popular bet types

Horse Racing Betting Bonuses & Promotions

Adverts from betting sites offering bonuses and promotions can look too good to be true. But while some are worthwhile, others are not as valuable as you might think.

Match deposit bonuses, free bets, money back specials, and more are commonly offered. On the face of it, they may look great. However, it is not until you read the terms and restrictive conditions usually attached to them, that you can assess their true value.  

Firstly, should you win from a free bet or bonus cash, for example, those winnings will usually have to be bet again a set number of times before they essentially turn into ‘real’ money. Secondly, there are often so many other bet restrictions and conditions that you become confused and give up – effectively losing your money.

We are not against bonuses as they do give you the chance at winning something for effectively nothing. But they are offered by sites for a reason. To attract people to use their site. We would prefer our readers not to use bonuses and promotions as the key factor in a decision to sign up for a horse racing betting site. There are many more important factors to consider which we highlight.

At BBS, we want to make you aware of the benefits and more importantly the downsides of any promotion/bonus before you sign up and take it. 

● Read our reviews and learn about any new bonus or promotion

● Go through the terms and conditions with a fine-tooth comb

● Make sure you understand the wagering requirements

Here are 3 common bonuses offered by the horse racing betting sites: 

Enhanced Odds Promotions

Betting sites attract new UK punters through enhanced odds promotions. A horse that you have picked, could be offered at substantially higher odds than you will find elsewhere. These enhanced odds promotions are usually offered as a welcome bonus to new players, but you do find them as regular promotions sometimes too. 

The idea is to get you to sign up, place a bet, and become a regular punter. There is not too much to lose here as these odds can sometimes be enhanced quite substantially. However, such generous odds may not be available for subsequent bets.

Money Back Specials

Another promotion that you will typically find at the best UK horse racing betting sites are money-back specials. These are popular as punters have a chance of being refunded if their bet was not successful. Usually, these bets have conditions attached, and typically will be that your selection must finish no more than a set distance away from the winner or finish second to the pre-race favourite.

The catch with this type of promotion is that often the refunded money cannot be withdrawn. It must be bet again on the site. Still, you might just win that second bet!

Acca Bonus Deals

Accumulator (Acca) bets are placed on the results of multiple races rather than one. This can create huge odds which means even the smallest of bets can pay out significant sums of money. Though they rarely come in, when they do, they pay out high rewards!

 Up & Coming Horse Racing Betting Site Features

Horse racing betting sites are consistently coming up with new and exciting betting features. This ensures the betting experience for punters is continually improving year on year. 

Back when online betting first became a thing, the only option you had was to click a few checkboxes when adding new selections to your betting slip. These days, you have a lot more to choose from. From in-play betting to cash-out offers, tailored statistics, form, betting history, and more, UK online punters arguably have never had it so good!

we believe these features enhance the betting experience. We guarantee that when a Bookmaker offers a new feature, we will make sure that you are the first to know about them. We will give you our opinion on any new feature, where to find it, and how you can use it to elevate your betting experience.

Here are some of the latest innovative horse racing betting features of late:

Virtual Horse Racing Betting Markets

Many leading Bookmakers now offer virtual horse race betting. Featuring impressive graphics, these are simulated races that can be followed on your desktop or mobile device. Growing in popularity, it has recently been reported that bets on virtual horse racing account for a quarter of all the bets placed on horse racing in the UK. 

They are ideal as a replacement when there is a lack of real horse racing action. Virtual horse racing offers an alternative way for you to bet. Simply log in to your UK betting site, place your bet and watch the virtual action unfold in front of your eyes. 

● 24/7 Virtual Horse Racing Markets

● Multiple betting opportunities

● Watch the virtual horse races unfold in real-time

Flash Horse Racing Betting Markets

Some betting sites will offer punters time-limited flash odds at specific events. These odds will encourage members to bet and possibly increase their account deposit (look at the terms and conditions!)

Typically, you might receive an alert via SMS, email, or via social media that offers you odds of say, 10-1 for a horse to win instead of the 6-1 actual odds that everybody else gets. It is an attractive proposition. You may well get excellent value for your bet and the site retains an active account.

● Time-limited flash odds at specific events

● SMS alerts to inform you of flash odds

● Favourable odds offered via flash deals

New Horse Racing Betting Sites

Pre-internet, it was easier for a small number of high street bookmakers to dominate the horse racing betting industry. Limiting the competition meant that odds favoured a handful of large bookmakers, with the only other place for smaller more competitive bookmakers being the trackside booths live at the races.

Today, the internet has completely changed the industry and has massively grown the ways people can bet and be involved. So much so that there are often new betting sites offering horse racing markets emerging regularly and thanks to ‘betting exchanges’ like Betfair, the punter at home can become a bookmaker.

However, this oversupply of online betting sites creates different problems and it can be difficult for UK punters to know which sites to trust and to choose. Yet, this also gives horse racing enthusiasts a huge variety of choices that they never had in the past. 

To help punters Best Betting Sites (UK) will give you the lowdown on any new UK horse racing betting sites on the scene. Our team extensively tests each site, judges what they offer, and provides a fair opinion in an accurate and honest review. 

● 100+ top horse racing betting sites

● Best Betting Sites UK is the first to review newcomers

● With so many sites, there is something for everyone

Horse Racing Betting Sites That Cover International Racetracks

The ability to place singles, doubles, accumulators and exotic bets such as Trixies, Heinz and Yankees on the UK horse racing markets is important. However, many punters also international markets. Horse races are held all over the world with markets found across all continents.  

This includes Ireland, France, South Africa, Australia, the USA, and various countries in Asia. Whatever your preferences are, you will be able to find a sportsbook that provides them via our reviews at Best Betting Sites (UK).

Even horse racing betting sites that do not offer in-depth betting on international markets will at the very least cover the following major horse racing events:

Kentucky Derby: Dubbed the “Greatest 2 Minutes in Sport”, the Kentucky Derby is the world’s most famous horse race. 

Melbourne Cup: The biggest race on the Australian calendar and one that is never short of drama. 

Dubai World Cup: For stables, winning this event is up there with the best of them. A purse of $10 million goes to the winner. 

Belmont Stakes: The Belmont Stakes is one of the oldest and longest Triple Crown Races in the world. Dating back more than 50 years, this event will be covered by any horse betting site worth it’s salt. 

Prix de I’Arc de Triomphe: Offering the splendour, decadence, and elegance to compete with any major international horse race.

The Preakness Stakes: Another historical horse race in America, the Preakness Stakes always attracts the punters both at trackside and at the best UK betting sites. 


Frequently Asked Questions

At BBS, we have written comprehensive reviews on the best horse racing betting sites. Using our experience in the betting scene, we have made it easier for you to choose the best betting site for you. We know what to look for, what to avoid, and lay that out for you before you make your ultimate decision on which sites to use. 

And although our reviews cover practically everything you need to know, we know you may still have some questions that need answering. For this purpose, we have put together an informative FAQ section that should provide answers. 

Can we trust Best Betting Sites (UK)?

Our goal, as horse race betting enthusiasts, is to share what we have learned about the horse racing betting market in the UK and around the world. Using our knowledge and experience, we aim to provide vital information for you on the best horse racing betting sites in the UK.

If our honest and accurate UK horse racing betting site reviews help you find the right site, our job is done. We value your betting experience and want to ensure it is a good one.

Will the best horse racing betting sites work on my mobile device?

Absolutely. Modern-day online betting, whether on horse racing or any other sport, should be accessible to as many people as possible. If you have a mobile device, you should expect the same quality experience as desktop users.

As a minimum, the best betting sites that we have reviewed will use HTML5 responsive code. Some will also offer a fully functioning app. Our team always tests mobile functionality when reviewing betting sites. 

Are the UK horse racing betting sites trustworthy? 

Any betting site that wants to provide its services to UK punters must have a license with the UK Gambling Commission. Our team will only review horse racing betting sites covered by a UKGC license. 

The UKGC ensures that all betting sites adhere to consumer rights and privacy laws, guarantees that player funds are kept in accounts that are separate from the betting sites’ operational funds and that these sites follow KYC and AML guidelines. 

As an added layer of security, all UK betting sites must also follow the 10-steps-to-cyber-security laid out by the UK government.

What options do I have to deposit and withdraw?

Starting in April 2020, using credit cards to fund betting accounts was banned in the UK. This was done to prevent people from betting with money that was not theirs, to begin with. 

There are, however, numerous other ways to deposit and withdraw legally at the best horse racing betting sites in the UK. Debit cards, e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, bank transfers, and prepaid cards are just some of the options at your disposal.