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The Best UK Betting Sites for 2020

No other country has online betting as easily accessible, legal, streamlined, tax-free and value-laden as what the United Kingdom has. Yes, you can find a lot of online betting around the world. But you can’t find the choice of sports to gamble on as what most UK betting sites offer.

History of Online Betting UK

BetVictor (Victor Chandler) decided to move its operations off-shore and moved its betting business from London to Gibraltar in May 1999. With this move, they were able to offer customers tax-free betting by diverting punters’ calls to a small territory in the Mediterranean.

Since they were the only bookmaker who is not charging UK’s then 9% betting tax, customer numbers skyrocketed, and a scramble was on for major bookmakers to set up their shops in Gibraltar. Ladbrokes followed the trend sending so many telephone operatives to small overseas territories and even bought a hotel to house them!

To keep UK’s betting industry going and be able to offer more jobs in the country, the Chancellor of the Exchequer scrapped betting duty in January 2002. However, Internet gambling was already starting to shine. In 2000, Ladbrokes launched online and a bunch of new UK betting sites opened up as well. Tax-free betting was the reason for massive growth in the betting world – both on and offline.

The big names in the UK betting world– William HillCoral, Fred Done (now Betfred) – continued to be the most popular online bookmaker thanks to their reputation. But there are also new UK betting sites, such as bet365, that are quickly flourishing.

Types of Betting and a Whole Lot More

The first betting sites in the UK mostly offered sports betting – horse racing and football betting in particular. Eventually, more sports were added to the list like tennis, greyhound racing, darts, etc.

But online casinos quickly caught on and added to betting sites. Ladbrokes, once again, broke new ground and became UK’s first online sports betting site to offer online poker.

The Most Popular UK Betting Sites 

The Betfair betting exchange was one of the game-changers at the turn of the century when tax-free betting and online betting were still novel concepts. This is the first time punters play the bookmaker’s role where they could set their own prices and lay their own bets.

Betfair is still one of the UK’s top betting sites. However, bet365 has the highest number of customers not just in the UK but around the world. The latest count is 45 million customers. They run their operations in Stoke, UK where they employ 4,300 people.

UK’s Betting Glossary

The UK’s best betting sites offer no end of bet types, here’s a selection of different kinds of bets you can place with the top UK betting sites:

  • Win – a single bet with your money ‘on the nose’
  • Place  – a selection in a race to finish first, second, third, fourth and sometimes more (place positions number depends on the size of the field and the bookmaker).
  • Each-Way – a combination of a win and a place bet with half the stake on the selection to be placed at a fraction of the win odds.
  • Double – two selections with winnings from the first going to the second
  • Treble – identical to a double but with three selections
  • Accumulator – four or more selections (also called a four-fold, five-fold, etc.), all must win to collect with the winnings from one selection going onto the next and the next, etc.
  • Trixie – three selections and seven bets consisting of three wins, three doubles, and a treble.
  • Yankee – four selections, eleven bets with six doubles, four trebles, and an accumulator.
  • Lucky 15 – similar to a Yankee but with the addition of four single bets. The best UK online sports betting sites pay a bonus (such as double the odds) if you back only one winner.
  • Canadian or Super Yankee – five selections featuring 26 bets: 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-fold accumulators and a five-fold accumulator.
  • Lucky 31 – a Canadian with an added five single bets (making it 31 bets in total) and once again leading the UK betting sites will give you a bonus dividend for just one winner.
  • Heinz – six selections and consisting of 57 separate bets: 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds, and a six-fold accumulator.


Which betting sites offer cash out?

  • Ladbrokes
  • BetVictor
  • Paddy Power
  • Betfred
  • William Hill
  • Betway
  • Coral
  • Boylesports

These bookmakers are the leading UK racing sports betting sites. They give options to cash-out bets in-play or part-way through a series of wagers. For example the second and third legs of an accumulator.

What betting sites give free bets?

Most online betting sites have a free bet offer, especially for new customers. However, the very best ones give regular free bets to their customers as a loyalty bonus. 

bet365 and Paddy Power are two of the sites known for giving free bets as loyalty rewards. Others give free bets as a consolation prize.

Which betting sites accept PayPal?

William Hill, Unibet, Ladbrokes, Betsafe and 888Sport accept PayPal deposits.

Which betting sites give free bets without a deposit?

32Red, Sporting Index and 888Sport give new account holders a no-deposit free bet. However, there are the UK betting sites that hand out free slot spins, poker freerolls and casino play.

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Most favourite sports like football, tennis and racing events are extremely popular. The betting rate depends on the height of earnings for a winning bet. Bookmakers determines how much he pays the winner of a bet and can change their odds for bets on a sporting event several times. So, with hundred of sports betting sites promotions it is extremely important to only bet at trusted sports betting sites.

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Best UK Bookmakers

There are many UK bookmakers that will accept a bet from those who wish to gamble in the country. They offer a diverse and extensive range of betting opportunities between them. Amongst those bookmakers in the UK, there are some world leaders from the gambling industry, offering excellent betting platforms for you to use. 

New Bookmakers UK

Alongside the established names, there are many new UK online bookmakers who are trying to get a piece of the action and get players to sign up with them. The new UK bookmakers 2020 offer excellent offers and incentives to their new players as a way of making a name for themselves. 

These offers can give punters the edge. This is the main reason why UK bookmakers offers are seen as some of the best in the world because the companies compete with each other to try and win our business. 

New Bookies vs Established

Established companies have the power of their name and the fact that they have been around a long time and when people are betting online. That still counts for a lot. However, something that new bookies can offer is their offers and willingness to do what it takes to win business and gain customers. This is a competitive market and they have to be like this to get noticed.

The new UK bookmakers 2020 will be going all out to get themselves noticed. The best and easiest way to do this is to give customers something they cannot say no to. This means big welcome bonuses, constant regular offers such as Acca bonuses, money back specials and much more. This is why UK bookmakers offers are seen as some of the best in the world. 

UK’s Biggest Bookmakers

With the rise in online gambling, the UK bookmakers list has changed the way it looks over the past couple of decades. Ladbrokes, William Hill, and Coral are all huge names in the world of UK bookmaking thanks to their association with the UK high street. These companies have had shops for years and now offer online betting alongside that. 

Now we have names such as Bet365, Betfair, Paddy Power, and others all joining the race offering huge and very popular online services. These are the names that lead the way in terms of popularity, and what many of the new UK online bookmakers will be aiming to be in years to come. 

How to Choose the Best Bookmakers

When looking through the UK online bookmakers list, you will feel like you are spoilt for choice, with such a good offering available. When you are making your decision, make sure that the company you choose can offer you what you need in terms of betting markets and regular offers. This is where most of them differ. 

Elsewhere, you should be looking for those that offer competitive odds, have a strong welcome bonus that you can use and has the ability for you to bet via your mobile, bet in-play and anything else you think you may need. 

Things to Consider Before Opening a New Bookmaker Account

Opening an account with one of the UK bookmakers is an important decision to make. You need to ask yourself a number of questions before you do so. The answers to these questions will tell you whether this is the right bookmaker for you or not. 

Here are some of the things to consider:

  • Can I continue to bet as I am now if I sign up on this site?
  • Am I getting better odds from this site compared to other companies?
  • Does this website offer a better range of betting markets than elsewhere?
  • Can I claim a big welcome bonus when I sign up?
  • Does this website also offer a good range of regular offers for existing customers?
  • Can I use a payment method that I know and trust with this bookmaker? 
  • Does this bookmaker offer state of the art betting facilities such as a mobile app to bet online and live in-play betting?

UK Bookmakers FAQ

How many bookmakers are there in the UK?

 The UK has a strongly regulated market of companies that offer betting to players. The UK bookmakers list shows that there are more than 80 regulated and licensed companies currently operating. 

What are the best online bookies?

This is subjective and depends on what you want from your provider. The best UK bookmakers online will be able to offer you a diverse range of betting markets, competitive odds, a nice welcome bonus, regular offers and multiple different ways to bet such as in-play betting and mobile betting.

Where to Find Brand New Bookmakers Online?

Our list of new UK online bookmakers has a number of new websites that you can choose from if you have decided that you want to sign up with a new provider. These will often give big welcome bonuses and regular offers in an attempt to attract new business, which makes them appeal to many players. 

What is the safest online betting site?

Bookmakers take a lot of pride in being safe and secure for their customers. Look out for the padlock symbol at the side of the website address which shows the website is safe to use. Each bookmaker that holds a UK license from the Gambling Commission has to also pass security tests based on how they handle and keep your information. 

Can you use PayPal for online betting?

Many bookmakers accept e-wallet payment types as well as accepting credit and debit cards from their players. These e-wallets can include Paypal so look out for UK bookmakers online who accept this type of payment. 

How do I get the bet365 app?

The bet365 app can be downloaded via your app store. For those with an Android phone, head over to the Play Store while users who have an Apple phone can get the app from the iOS app store.